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Our services span over a very long list because we offer all kinds of services comprehensive to all your air-con needs.

Installation of air-con units
  We are well-versed in the installation of all major brands of air-conditioners. Besides installation, our dedicated crew also ensure extended functionality of the air-conditioner. This is because we believe in seeing a project through, to last over a long time.
Servicing of air-con units
  We clean out any stubborn and persistent dust or waste trapped within your unit to make sure that your air-con unit blows out cleaner and fresher air.
Chemical Cleaning
  Using of appropriate chemicals to clean and overhaul your air-con unit allows for a longer life span by giving your air-con a new lease of life.
  Our committed crew of technicians are always on hand to provide essential assistance and support in the event of any break-down facility.