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Chemical Cleaning

Our services span over a very long list because we offer all kinds of services comprehensive to all your air-con needs.

Before Cleaning
To carry out a proper and thorough chemical cleaning, the unit have to be brought down from the wall and stripped down for ease of cleaning.

The blower, the drainage line hidden behind the cooling coil, the back of cooling coil and the drainage system on the back of the FCU, can only be accessed when the unit is stripped down for the cleaning process.

You can’t really do a thorough chemical cleaning with the unit still hanging on the wall!

The photos below show some of the critical area/parts which are only accessible when it is taken apart.
Cleaning process
With the cooling coil removed and other parts. You can really do a thorough cleaning for individual parts.

Photos show a thorough cleaning process, making sure the chemical really penetrate through the cooling coil. Look at the different tones of the cooling coil before and after treatment.
After Cleaning
Photos here show a proper and thoroughly cleaned critical area, including those hidden drainage system hidden behind the cooling coil and on the back of the unit. Fan motor shaft and bushing are able to receive some grease after removal of rust.

All parts are individually clean out and ready for assembly, it is almost as good as a brand new aircon unit.